How to clean outdoor furniture

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

With summer here, it’s time to clean up and spruce up the outdoor space. Outdoor furniture can get pretty dirty over the winter, but with a few simple steps you can bring your patio back to life. Here are some tips on how to clean outdoor furniture so it’s ready for summer fun!

Wash with water and detergent


Covering furniture with a tarp

Spray water from a hose

A scrub brush, if necessary.

Protect with a sealant or wax

The first step to cleaning outside furnishings is to protect it. Sealants or waxes can help keep your furniture from getting dirty in the first place. Outdoor furnishings is often left outside for months at a time, and it’s important to protect it before winter comes again. These products will help seal the cushions and make them water resistant, so even if they get wet they’ll dry quickly.

Remove any rust from metal furniture

If you have metal furniture, it’s important to remove any rust. You can do this by putting a little vinegar on a rag and rubbing the rust off.

Clean outdoor cushions and pillows

Outdoor cushions and pillows can become grimy and smelly. The best way to clean them is with a mixture of warm water, soap, and baking soda. Fill a bucket with warm water, add two tablespoons of soap (dish soap or dish detergent) and two tablespoons of baking soda. Add the soiled cushion or pillow and let it soak for an hour. Remove the cushion or pillow from the mixture, scrub with a brush, then rinse with cold water.

Clean outdoor wicker

Wicker furniture is a good choice for it since it’s lightweight and easy to clean. When you’re cleaning wicker, use soapy water and then rinse and dry. If there are stubborn stains, try using bleach as a last resort.

Clean outdoor plastic furniture

If you have plastic furnishings, you can use a garden hose to spray it down. This will remove any dirt and grime while also sanitizing the surface. You may need to pressure wash certain spots that are more difficult to reach.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture

One of the best ways to keep your furniture in great shape is by protecting it. Here are some tips on how to protect it:

– Use a rug or mat under that when you’re entertaining outdoors so people don’t track in dirt and debris.

– Create an outdoor oasis with plants and flowers that will provide color and protection for your patio furnishings. Flowers also act as natural air purifiers, which helps keep dust and pollen away from your patio area.

– Keep a clean cloth handy to wipe down chairs, tables, etc. as soon as they get dirty.

– Cover your outdoor cushions with plastic slipcovers to protect them from the elements. You can also use outdoor throw pillows on top to add color and comfort to your patio space!

How to Clean Wood and Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning your wicker and wood furniture is an easy task. First, spray it with water until it’s wet. Then, use a natural bristle brush to scrub away any dirt or debris. Next, spray the furnishings again with water to rinse away any soap residue or dirt. Finally, dry it with a soft towel or cloth.

How to Clean Metal, Iron, and Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

It’s important to clean outdoor furniture right after winter. That way it’s not too dirty when summer rolls around. Metal, aluminum, and iron it should be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. If the furnishings is heavily soiled, then you can use a mild soap and water mixture to scrub the surface.

To clean any cushions that are on the furnishings, first remove them from the frame then soak in cold water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid for up to an hour, or until they are thoroughly soaked through. Rinse out excess water and allow them to air dry before replacing onto that.

 To clean rust spots on metal, use WD-40 and a scouring pad or steel wool to rub away the rust in circular motions. Then rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.

 To clean paint stains on metal chairs, use a couple drops of dishwashing soap in warm water along with some elbow grease if needed. Scrub at these areas until they’re gone- then rinse with warm-to-hot water and dry off with a towel before reattaching your cushions onto your chairs!

Final Thought

As the weather warms up, it’s time to think about sprucing up your outdoor furniture. Remember these tips so you can enjoy your space with friends and family!

If you’re looking for an easy cleaning solution, find an old towel and cover the furniture. Pour boiling water over that and blot off any excess moisture. Throw a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or vinegar on top of the towel, then gently rub it onto the wood. Finally, use a wire brush to remove any dust from the cracks in the wood. Give it a good rinse before patting dry with a clean cloth.

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